Some YouTube Channels I Subscribe To

OK here are some of my YT subs. Some of it is really niche, some of it not so “niche” but folks here may not know about these channels.

Free The Kinescopes! (6.66 subscribers at present) has, well, uploads of old kinescopes. You want to see old episodes of Johns Hopkins Science Review or Studio One? This is the channel!

Cereal Time! A man of Cape Verdean heritage talks about different cereals. I particularly enjoyed this video, which is a bit outside his usual format, where he talks about Royal Lunch Milk Crackers.

These two great channels full of live performances of Carnatic music:

For Western classical music live music performances, I enjoy ADGO:

And if you’re looking for a more in-depth musicological approach to classical music, check out this channel on Early Music Sources:

Or maybe you’re more into in-depth musicological analysis of video game music. There’s this channel:

More videogame music? GST makes great themed mixes showing off various types of music on classic video game systems, along with videos highlighting classic game composers. Here’s a ten minute mix of 90s acid music for the SNES:

More video game videos? Here’s a channel that combines video game maps with videos of speedruns to provide a zoomed-out view of old games. Hard to explain. Here’s a video of a 100% run of Bionic Commando to see it in action:

Sharopolis specializes in videos highlighting games that push the technical limitations of their respective systems. Who knew Jurassic Park for the SNES was such a great technical accomplishment?

Techmoan and LGR are great for showing off weird hardware, but Ben Minotte’s Oddity Archive has been a dependable channel covering things like the early history of UHF broadcasting:

Some completely random folks playing songs on Youtube. This lady plays songs on the banjo:
Willard Losinger plays left-wing songs in the ukulele. Here he is playing Phil Ochs’ “Love Me I’m A Liberal”:
Gary Peters played guitar in the short-lived early ’80s avant-jazz group Stinky Winkles, and now uploads videos showing him playing pedal steel guitar:

Here’s a channel that does nothing but upload different recordings of Jesus Christ Superstar:

Obsolete Video is a slightly odd channel that transfers various old video recordings, some of which they upload to YouTube. A lot of the old clips on Youtube come from OVS uploads (as you can tell from the distinctive lower right corner bug).

Accented Cinema does some really cool essays on cinema, particularly Asian cinema:

Matt Baume specializes in video essays on the history of LGBT+ network television:

Finally, Hazel does these really interesting deep dives into obscure anime. I don’t even watch anime, but I love the way she puts together a video.

This is perhaps the only post I’ll ever make here that doesn’t directly mention trans shit. Mark your calendars.

…actually, wait. No, no, wait. I forgot about the Finntastic Mr. Fox, I love this guy’s videos and he has hardly any views. Got to his channel from a recent Jessie Gender video on non-binary pirates, in which Finn guested and looked extremely hot in his pirate getup:

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